In the footsteps of alpine explorers

Explore famous glaciers, rich flora and fauna and impressive mountainous terrain. On foot, by bike, paragliding or climbing.

A preserved environment

Explore at your own pace, on foot or by bike. The hotel is located at the foot of the mountains and offers a wealth of opportunities during the summer season. Whether you’re on your own or accompanied by our experienced local guides, there’s a wide range of activities to choose from: contemplative walks to discover the flora and fauna, hiking for all, sporty trekking, mountain biking, e-biking, paragliding, climbing, mountaineering, etc.

Departing from the hotel, you can enjoy beautiful hiking trails, with several family-friendly theme trails to entertain children and raise their awareness of nature. Take to the mountain pastures, meet the Hérens cows, breathe in the pure Alpine air and much more!

Whether you’re a solitary mountaineer looking for a new challenge, a sportsman thirsting for adrenalin, a contemplative in search of beautiful alpine landscapes or simply a lover of the mountains and wide open spaces for a breath of fresh air, our vast natural environment has something for everyone.



Numerous trails and hiking trails start from the hotel. Our great reception team will be able to advise you on different itineraries according to your abilities and desires.
More information on the Val d’Hérens website

E-Bike / electric mountain bikes


Discover the Val d’Hérens and its breathtaking panoramas, propelled by the discreet power of our e-bikes (electric mountain bikes)
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Arolla has many sectors, all between 1800m and 2600m altitude. Two of them are in moulinettes, all the others group together long routes of up to 300m.
More information on the Val d’Hérens website

Les Cabanes

Discover !

As a stopover on your way to the highest peaks in the Valais or as a hiking destination, experience nights in the mountain huts and refuges of the Val d’Hérens.
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Scooter descent with patrick

Fun, fun, fun!

From April to October, get away from it all on family or more athletic trails. In complete safety, of course, and guided by a local. Information: +41 (0) 79 233 40 75 and
More information on the Val d’Hérens website

Take off with Sam

Let go!

Discover breathtaking landscapes on a paraglider with Samuel

CHF 150 for a two-seater discovery flight

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Running !

Kurhaus Trail starting from the hotel.

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Make the most of your stay

An endless stretch of mountains and meadows surrounds the Grand Hotel & Kurhaus. Whether you’re a lonely mountaineer chasing their next challenge, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a family looking for a happy medium, there’s bound to be an adventure that suits you.


Explore your way

The hotel is located at the foot of a vast mountainous complex that offers many opportunities for the practice of winter sports. In spring as in summer, it is possible to explore the peaks of the Val d’Hérens, caves, valleys, meadows and forest on foot or by bike, accompanied or not by one of our experienced local guides. Activities available include hiking and trekking, paragliding, family walks, climbing, mountain biking and many more.



The protected natural environment of the Val d’Hérens includes glaciers, alpine pastures, special geological features, rivers and forests that constitute the ideal habitat for a diverse alpine flora and fauna. Ibex, chamois, marmots, deer, hares, bartavelles and ptarmigans can be found in alpine meadows and ancient forests.


A Swiss tradition

Enjoy hiking throughout the year as well as several themed trails to entertain children and educate them about the natural history of the area. From the Grand Hotel & Kurhaus, easily climb to the nearby alpine pasture, a high mountain pasture crossed by Herens cows. For centuries, our visitors have loved to observe this particular breed of cattle known for its fighting spirit.