July 5, 2021 - by : Edith Vuignier - Reading 2 min
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Discovering Mountain Flowers

While at the bottom of the valley, the mowing of flowery meadows has begun, in the middle of the mountains, we are witnessing a floral explosion. For lovers of alpine flora, we invite you to take a little altitude and enjoy the spectacle of nature.

During your ascents to Arolla, you will follow large meadows with slopes dotted with a thousand wildflowers and plants. Orchis, meadow salsify, forget-me-not, mountain knapweed, Carthusian carnation, European trolls give the colors of summer. The wild lilies burst white in the green meadows. The clogs of Venus, the most mythical of all the wild orchids of our regions, delight enthusiasts of alpine flora. Martagon lilies, edelweiss and other rare flowers from our mountains will follow.

For the past few days, Arolla has also been dressing up in color with its balconies and flowered facades. Red geraniums and colorful surfinias are everywhere in windows, in villages, on fountains. Typically, Swiss!


In the hotel’s magical forest, after the carpets of spring gentians, its rhododendron time, the symbol of your mountain hikes. Did you know that it is also called acacia of the mountains because of the bees that like to visit it?

At 2000 m altitude, flowering explodes with a variety of wildflowers that enrich the biodiversity of our mountains. How well do you know the flora of our mountains? Throughout the summer, our mountain guides take you on the Arolla trails to discover the wildflowers. Let yourself be guided and re-enchant your mountain holidays

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