Have a memorable birthday

Celebrate another year of joy, love and unforgettable memories

With us, every new candle we blow out is a special occasion, and we’re committed to making the day even more special for you.

A dedicated team

Our dedicated team is ready to offer you a warm welcome and help you organize an exceptional birthday celebration.

A feast for the taste buds

Whether you’re looking for a delicious outdoor brunch or a gourmet candlelit dinner, we’ll cater to your every need. We also offer a range of birthday cakes lovingly crafted by our kitchen team.

Privatized venues

For more intimate groups looking for an exclusive space, our converted barn, “La Teuss,” is available for total privatization. It’s the perfect place to celebrate in complete privacy, surrounded by your loved ones, with the mountains as a spectacular backdrop.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate one-to-one celebration or an epic party at altitude, we’ll do everything we can to make your birthday an unforgettable experience!

Your Birthday

Get ready for a special day filled with laughter, surprises and precious moments, as we carefully orchestrate this anniversary to offer you an unforgettable experience of happiness and friendship!

Your parties

Get ready for an epic party with friends, where laughter, music and unforgettable memories are the order of the day!

We’ve pulled out all the stops to make this a night to remember, so get ready to have the time of your life!

Our locations available



Le Carnotzet

Le jardin des Arolles et sa terasse

La Teuss, notre grange autonome

Notre grande salle de réception

Le Baker’s Pub