Meet the artists

The Val d’Hérens has always inspired artists and intellectuals of all kinds. Conducive to contemplation, the Grand Hotel & Kurhaus is no exception to the rule. It is found in Cosey’s drawings in his journey in search of Peter Pan. Its historic salon has hosted big names, among them Josephine Baker in the winter of 1968.

Whether they hide in the shelves of our Library or we discover them in our seasonal exhibition, these creators come to meet you within our walls.


André Georges

A native of La Sage, André Georges is a mountaineer and mountain guide whose journey makes you dizzy. He climbed nine of the fourteen eight thousand meters of the planet. In the winter of 1985, he crossed 41 peaks, 33 of which exceeded 4,000m, in the company of mountaineer Ehrard Loretan. His passion for the mountains has led him today to wield the brush to make us discover through his eyes the majestic scenery of the region. Come and discover his works within the walls of the Grand Hotel & Kurhaus throughout the winter of 2022.

The exhibition is free and open to all, from 10:00 to 22:00.


Isabella Cabral

Isabella Cabral is a painter of Brazilian origin recently established in Evolène. His works and exhibitions range from Finland to France, Sweden and Brazil. She fell under the spell of the ribbons of Evolène’s costume and she does us the honor of inaugurating this exhibition at the Grand Hotel & Kurhaus in Arolla to celebrate the women of eve of yesterday and today. His series “Tourbillon” of 20 paintings bear the names.


Vincent Savioz

Come and discover the sky with Astrovinch! This young photography enthusiast has taken the stars from all angles and he comes to present his work on Friday, July 16 in our Library.

  • From 18:00 conference meeting
  • From 22:00 introduction to stargazing
  • Catering in our different rooms
 Saturday May 27th 2023
Aroll’ Live Music Festival from 6:30pm to 11pm
Dub music, view on the mountains.
More information on request via contact form .