4 seasons in Arolla

All your tastes are in our nature

To stay at the Grand Hôtel & Kurhaus d’Arolla is to relive an episode from the golden age of Alpine tourism.

Arolla is the last village in the Val d’Hérens at an altitude of almost 2000 m, a mountain village with a taste for the great outdoors located on the territory of Evolène.

Now easily accessible by road or postal bus, Arolla immediately immerses us in an atmosphere of resolutely mountain spirit at the foot of glaciers and snow-capped peaks: Mont-Collon, Pigne d’Arolla, Aiguille de la Tsa. At the heart of the Haute-Route and Patrouille des Glaciers routes, Arolla appeals to both sports enthusiasts and contemplative lovers of wild beauty.

In winter, its human-scale ski area takes skiers up to 3,000m altitude on perfectly groomed and marked runs. From the hotel.

Set off on skis or snowshoes.

For the die-hard skiers, Arolla is the springtime of skiing, with great freeride outings until May, conditions permitting.

In summer, Arolla is a hiker’s paradise, with numerous high-altitude cabins and an infinite range of footpaths from the alpine pastures to the foot of the glaciers.

A must-see is the blue lake, famous to Instagrammers the world over. A few hours’ walk from Arolla takes you to the mythical Grande Dixence dam via a mountain itinerary, one of the most popular stages of the Val d’Héréns tour.

Trail runners and trekkers who love wide open spaces have all passed through here, and some of them share their travel stories with us on their blogs.

In autumn, this valley floor is decked out in golden yellow larch forests.

In every season, Arolla reveals its charms and remains an emblematic place in the Val d’Hérens. Join us on the hotel blog and let yourself be carried away by the region’s finest discoveries.

Immersion in the Val d’Hérens

Often described as the most beautiful valley in the Valais or as a timeless Switzerland, the Val d’Hérens boasts treasures and natural resources such as the Dent Blanche, the famous pyramids of Euseigne, the mythical Grande Dixence Dam or its many glaciers at the foot of majestic peaks.

From the first discoveries, one can only be seduced by the wild and authentic character of the Val d’Hérens. The entire valley has many traditional villages with a resolutely mountain spirit. Evolène is one of them and has been crowned the most beautiful village in French-speaking Switzerland. The region of Evolène, of which Arolla is a part, consists of picturesque hamlets that are the pride of its inhabitants. A week would not be enough to discover the local nuggets and feel the village life.

Among the must-see spots in the valley. do not miss Hérémence and its unusual church, the dam of the Grande Dixence, the footbridge of Ossona, the valley of Ferpècle, the alpine lakes, the alpine pastures and the emblematic cow of Hérens.. and we forget, as the Val d’Hérens is declined to infinity with varied discoveries over the seasons.

  • In the 4 seasons, you will love our valley!
  • A preserved valley with large natural spaces, glaciers, mayens and mountain pastures.
  • A mythical valley where time seems to have stopped and which embodies the values of a “Slow travel”.
  • A valley rich in its inhabitants, with people who are committed to sharing their terroir, their heritage, their tradition.
  • A valley where life is good, where it is good to stay.

Val d’Hérens: source of energy

The Grand Hotel &Kurhaus is involved in local life and is happy to support regional events and events For years we have been welcoming members of the Swiss Army who participate in the famous Glacier Patrol. We support the Festival de musique des Haudères, the CIME, a biennial of folk dances … as well as other traditional festivals.